The Lake District weather forecast


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Met Office forecast for Sunday

Issued 30 May at 15:46

Cloudy with persistent rain and occasional heavy outbreaks in places. Rain will become patchier through the morning it will clear during the afternoon to the east with sunny spells and scattered heavy, and possibly thundery, showers following. Showers will be wintry above 700m, but no accumulations are expected.

0000 to 0300

Heavy Rain 90% chance of precipitation

0300 to 0600

Heavy Rain 80% chance of precipitation

0600 to 0900

Light rain 80% chance of precipitation

0900 to 1200

Sunny intervals 30-50% chance of precipitation

1200 to 1500

Sleet shower 60% chance of precipitation

1500 to 1800

Sleet shower 60% chance of precipitation

1800 to 2100

Sleet shower 60% chance of precipitation

2100 to 2400

Sleet shower (night) 60% chance of precipitation


Moderate to poor in the rain, becoming good or very good in the afternoon. Then temporarily moderate or poor in wintry showers.

Hill fog

Persistent down to 500m with occasional patches down to 200m across the western Fells overnight and during the morning. Hill fog will lift above the summits through the afternoon with occasional patches at around 500m associated with any showers.

Wind at 500m

South-easterly winds 30mph gusting up to 45mph overnight, becoming westerly in the morning 30-35mph with gusts up to 55mph at times across the highest peaks.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 7 Celsius in the morning, rising to plus 13 Celsius in the afternoon, but dropping back to plus 7 Celsius later in the day.
  • At 900m: Around plus 3 Celsius, dropping down to zero later in the day.
  • Freezing level: Above the summits, dropping to around 800m by the end of the day.


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Storm force winds

No risk


High risk - West winds will gale force gusts during the second half of the day will cause buffeting.

Severe chill effect

High risk - Strong winds will increase the chill throughout the day.

Persistent extensive hill fog

Medium risk - Persistent hill fog overnight and during the morning may cause navigation difficulties.


Medium risk - Risk for thundery showers mainly in the evening.

Heavy persistent rain

Medium risk - Persistent and possibly heavy rain is expected overnight, becoming patchier in the morning.

Strong sunlight

Medium risk - Medium UV levels during the afternoon giving a risk of sunburn.


No risk

Heavy snow

No risk

Forecast for Monday

Scattered showers overnight, these wintry above 700m, continuing into the morning along with some sunny spells. Cloud will thicken from the west early in the afternoon with rain arriving, this persistent and possibly heavy.


Generally very good, but temporarily dropping down to moderate or poor in any wintry shower. Becoming moderate in the rain later.

Hill fog

Patches down to 800m overnight and in the morning, becoming periods down to 500m across the park in the afternoon.

Wind at 500m

Southwesterly winds 25mph gusting 55mph, increasing during the day to 30-35mph with gusts of 65mph across the highest peaks and ridges.


  • Valleys/low level: Plus 5 Celsius in the morning, rising to plus 12 Celsius in the afternoon. Plus 6 Celsius by the end of the day.
  • At 900m: Around minus 1 Celsius, rising to plus 3 Celsius later in the day.
  • Freezing level Around 800m, rising above the summits later in the morning.

Outlook for next few days


Cloudy with persistent and heavy rain overnight, this clearing to the east towards the late morning with a few showers possibly following. Gale force southwesterly winds with a risk for severe gales over the highest peaks. Freezing level above the summits.


Generally drier conditions will prevail across the park, with isolated showers possible in the afternoon. The gale force southwesterly wind will gradually ease through the day. Freezing level will remain above the summits.


Another generally dry day across the park with good sunny spells in the afternoon, light winds and good visibility. Freezing level above the summits.

Recent conditions

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